About the Artist

Combining a great creative culture with an extreme graphic discipline, Calvin Sprague, aka Union Haus, is a strong and determined artist. You won’t find a single image in his portfolio that is not perfectly structured and balanced. Indeed, each work is a little jewel of harmony; each curve is perfectly thought out, and each color is chosen with elegance. Greatly influenced very early on by a bold graphic signature inspired by Milton Glaser and Saul Bass. These influences have led him to create a unique style, a delightful blend of Bauhaus, pop psychedelism, and colorful constructivism. His client list includes Apple, Disney, Target, and The New York Times.


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Customers are responsible for any customs/duty fees and taxes. Please remember to check your email and track your package so that there are no issues with failed deliveries/unpaid customs fees--it's never fun to see a package I shipped out weeks ago back on my porch* with a bunch of "failed delivery" stickers! If a package is returned to me due to the customer not paying the fees or taxes, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to ship again (and any fees/taxes incurred on the second attempt). Please inform yourself of potential costs in your country and be prepared to pay them immediately so that you don't have to pay for shipping twice, and so I don't have to pack and ship out your order twice.

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All orders are insured. If your package is lost through post, please email me and I will request a search. If nothing comes up with the search, I will file an insurance claim. If you're located outside of the US and your local mail system loses the print, or if it seems to have been stolen, please reach out to me to discuss next steps, but be prepared to contact your local mail system directly.